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Nov 26, 2012 2:00am PST
, florida's west coast should be high on your checkout list of places to live. it was for pretty karen pannell. once the one-time model and flight attendant got sand in her shoes, she never looked back. >> she loved the beach. diving, boating, wildlife. and i remember just jumping off the boat and going to little islands. having picnics and coming back at sunset. just so much fun. >> good friend kathryn worked the counter at american airlines in tampa with karen. if you were a frazzled passenger and who isn't these days, karen was the antedote. >> she was very pretty. smart, smiled all the time. >> but when the always capable and reliable karen didn't show up for her saturday morning shift on october 11, 2003, clearly something was wrong. her boyfriend tim parmentor had tried calling her at home. >> when she wasn't at work or answering her calls, i started to get worried. but it was a couple hours before i really got panicky about it. >> he went over to her condo. the front door was unlocked. a bad sign. he said he stepped inside and looked to the right to the kitchen. >> i saw her bod
Nov 1, 2012 3:00pm PDT
prevention practices. it was a summer of promise for karen christiansen and ken jones. after ten years of marriage, they were expecting their first child. ken was teaching when he got the call... ken jones: it was a person from the y, and when they first started talking about karen, it was very strange because i thought it was going to have something to do with the pregnancy, and then when they said it was a stroke, it took a few minutes for it to kind of sink in. i went to the class, and that's all i remember. i know now that the teacher, she saw that i wasn't acting as normal or whatever that the other women were. the source of the problem was occurring inside karen's brain, the body's control center. dr. saver: the brain is an incredibly complex organ. it's the seat of the personality and thinking in our humanity. it has millions, or perhaps billions of nerve cells, and billions upon billions of connections between these nerve cells. it is organized in a very regular pattern from individual to individual. it is fed by a number of blood vessels that bring nutrients to different areas
Nov 16, 2012 6:30pm PST
or karen or the people being honored and it takes a community and that phrase "it takes a village to raise a child". it truly does and takes everyone of us and people in the community, our education community, our native american health center community, our crc community because once they leave us then somebody else has to pick up where we left off and carry that ball to educate the students and i see the students and it's good to see you guys and i thank you for being here and honor all of us, and keep your prayers open for hinttelethat it will always be there. if i can hang in for a couple more years i hope to retire. knock on wood. thanks for being here and each of you drive safely and thank you for your prayers and blessings and those that come before us and those coming into the world. hi pop. [applause] >> shirley, shirley. >> all my x's kids of taught by shirley. i'm kidding. and again with great pleasure welcome janet king to the stage. [applause] >> hello everybody. i have the great honor and privilege to introduce and to introduce karen harrison who is also receiving this
Nov 6, 2012 6:30pm EST
's check in with karen gray houston live in burke, virginia, now with more. karen. having problems with karen, obviously. the election in d.c. includes votes on who will chair the city council and three very high-profile amendments. let's try matt ackland live in mckinley tech high school in northeast. matt? >> reporter: i talked to the board of elections not too long ago. they said everything was looking good. there were complaints about the electronic voting machines throughout the district. not that they're working properly, but basically there are not enough of them. the polls here in d.c. will remain open until 8:00, and he's the rule. if you are in line at 8:00, they're going to let you flow through and make sure that you do get to vote. so, if you're in line at 8:00, you will be able to come through. as you were saying, there is a couple of questions on the ballot. having to do with ethics reform here in d.c. also, four ward council societies are up for grabs as well as two at-large seats. the two at-large seats are really what folks are looking at and the council chairman s
Nov 16, 2012 5:30pm EST
was behind closed doors answering questions. >> as karen travers reports, they're demanding answers on the attack in benghazi. >> reporter: he spoke before two congressional committees without being seen. they are demanding answers on what happened the night the consulate was attacked in beaningsky libya and what went wrong. he went to provide those answers. five days after the attack. u.s. ambassador susan rice said the attack was prompted by an antimuslim video that sparked an uprising in egypt. >> it seemed to be hijacked by individual clusters of extremists. >> reporter: the administration said that was based on intelligence that turned out to be wrong. >> as information came in information was put out. the information may not have always been right the first time. >> reporter: republican congressman peter king said he was satisfied with the ultimate conclusion petraeus reached. >> clearly believe this did in the arise out of a demonstration and was clear terrorist involvement. >> reporter: petraeus' appearance on the hill was the first since his resignation last week after an e
Nov 23, 2012 8:00am PST
morning commissioners, karen money brodac from parks planning capital project. i'm excited and will hand this over to joe, the vice president of education at the zoo. i wanted to briefly introduce the item. again, this is discussion and possible action to approve the zoo's conceptual plan for the renovation to the playground at the zoo and expenditure of up to 2.3 million. including 138,000 from recreation and parks department. two, to adopt finding under the california environmental quality act and adopt mitigation, monitoring and reporting program. that 138,000 was already previously approved. just reaffirming the expenditure of that. this is existing playground in poor shape. doesn't meet certain current safety code. included in your commission report under attachments three and four, we worked closely with the planning department to identify and describe all the appropriate seek what language that is needed the to move forward. it was included and covered under the environmental impact report. we have included that information in your packets. so staff recommendation is to approve. i
Nov 27, 2012 1:00pm PST
political analyst karen finney is former communications director at thed nc and professor michael eric dyson of georgetown university joins us. karen, the bloviating irnor ray muss may be changing his stripes. donald trump recently sat down for an interview and i can inform you he says republicans are going to have a hard time winning elections if they come across as, get this, mean-spirited toward people of color. treating voters with respect may seem as obvious to you and i as night follows day, but at least it's a start, isn't it? >> i suppose it's a start. >> give the man some credit. >> why should -- this guy is supposed to be so smard and we should give him credit for stating the obvious? i don't think so. i think i'm going to continue to believe he's a bloviating ignoramus we shouldn't be paying any attention to. >> ari, as we come on air now for this segment, the president is actually meeting at this very moment for a photo opportunity with the president-elect of mexico. and mr. trump in the same article describes mitt romney's immigration policy of self-deportation as, quote, crazy
Nov 21, 2012 12:00am PST
. >>> jim clyburn calls out the racial undertones. >> these are code words. >> karen finney is here with reaction. >> these are code words. >> karen finney is here with reaction. >>> congressman alan west finally calls it quits. >> we're not going to contest the certified results. >> the man who beat him joins me. >>> and it's the world according to the fonz. >> there are two kinds of people. cool and nerds. >> tonight the legendary henry winkler on the traditional america and the reelection of president obama. >>> good to have you with us. democrats have the upper hand in the fight for the middle class in this country. it's time to make sure that the party stays unified on the issue of debt reduction. bloomberg news reported on nervous democrats in the house and senate who were wary about pushing hard for tax hikes for the wealthiest americans. among them are seven senators up for reelection in 2014 in red states. the centrist think tank gave them ammunition with a polling memo showing most americans want compromise in washington. third way, what about the people's way? folks, comp
Nov 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
committee. and jonathan is an msnbc contributor and "washington post" columnist. karen, we've had no less than six national tracking polls in the last 24 hours. >> okay. >> i tell you, i'm polled to death. >> i bet you are. we all are. >> but the story changes a bit when you look at the batt battleground states. while the national polls appear to be tight, the president is up 6 percentage points according to nbc of likely voters in ohio. what does that tell us? >> i have long believed, we have talked about this, the state polls are the thing to focus on. >> you always maintained that. >> they have the best idea in terms of their sample, women, minorities, the demographics of those states. the other key things in those battleground states is if you take a look t the early vote numbers and you start to see how hard it will be for mitt romney to get to 270 because in most of those early battleground states where there's early voting he's got to win upwards of 50% of the remaining amount of votes to win the election. that sdarts to make that a lot tougher. >> right. now, crystal, the margins
Nov 16, 2012 5:30pm PST
was happening to parent karen aho; but then i got a closer look and saw she was feeling a lot more than the wind chill. >> it's been a great run. >> reporter: for karen and her husband, tom, this game marks the end of an era, the end of two of the longest serving football parents in america. over the past quarter century -- >> it's hard. >> reporter: -- they have been to countless games cheering on countless sons. how many boys do you have? [ pause ] >> reporter: do you know? that's the easy question -- maybe not for you. >> twelve boys. >> reporter: twelve boys. okay. twleve boys, 12 football players spaced out just so that at least one of them has been on every team in cokato every year since 1989 -- 24 straight seasons of knee sprains, grass stains and night games. >> go! >> reporter: mom and dad have nary missed a single contest, screaming like teenagers, cursing like true minnesotans. >> oh, sugar! >> reporter: cheering on each child like an only child. >> seth, you got to do it, come on! >> mom and dad, it's very obvious they were passionate about their football and their sports and their
Nov 2, 2012 10:00pm EDT
and an elephant that can tal. talk. we'll let yoo be the judge. 3 helll,... i'm jjff baand. barnd. and i'm karen parks. morning in fells point.s - poiit. the victim... was a pomaa... who... was out... or a morning jog. jog. in... felll point...// ..3 as... thh hunt for thee continues. jeff..... broadway... police say tonight.. becauss the attack y happened in a very popuuar joggers. innfells ppint, it's a running thhough the area...a popular path, neer ttames and but on this nnght, there's no ddscussion offcompeting run abbuttthe attack....(ááánats - scary......ááá) olice eyes open.. and beware... a warniig after a sexual assaull. .......investigators say a woman in her 20's.. was jogging in he area before work this morning between 5 and 7....when a man approached her.(keith) "police say the mmn was wearing a mask and armed with a knife. pnvestigators say he pulled thh woman into a dark area, then sexually assaulted her." a friend offthe icttm called police..... nnw, ord of the atack as before their next run. (nicky/jogger) "i try to goo when i
Nov 16, 2012 6:00am PST
third presentation in 16 hours so karen brodak before you on 181 fremont street. the item before you is discussion and possible action to recommend to the planning commission the net shadow pr proposed 181 fremont will not have adverse impact on use of union square pursuant to planning code section 295, the sunlight ordinance. b, portion be allocated to the proposed project 181 fremont street and adopt finding under the california environmental quality act and adopt mitigation monitoring and reporting. we presented this item for review at the capital committee. we are speaking on the same presentation. we provided a bit more information as you received, an additional attachment under attachment e. you received updated exhibit 1 also under e. so full packet should be available to you. i should be able to do a presentation. joined by kevin guy from the planning department. if you have questions for him as well. thank you. >> as you can see this is a map of the transit center district plan that this commission also reviewed with the planning commission in october. the 181 fremont si
Nov 20, 2012 1:00pm PST
. greg, get up here. i want to point out jill, karen. jill is the deputy chief librarian and karen, these two women are the fairy godmothers of this project. we would not be here without all the people that you heard from, but we would not be here without them. give thermometer a big round of applause. [ applause ] >> we have also got on city staff our aquatic director greg scott. [ applause ] >> and let's see, who else did we get up here? huh? mindy. mindy is on my list. i am the last speaker. they are going to try to limit me to the public hearing three minutes and i'm going to try to stick to that, probably not. [ [ laughter ] after i'm finished we're going to turn some dirt. we have a food truck because we deposit want anybody hungry. you guys patronize them if you will. mel sharp and his band are going to be back playing after the speeches. so hang around and party down. i just have a few people that i need to thank. [ laughter ] i will do the short list. of course the mayor. mayor lee has had a lot of celebrating to do this week. we're really grateful here is here. our dis
Nov 9, 2012 9:00am EST
famiil.our mornnng show director... karen burress... gave birthhto twin boos thursday morning. morning.on the left... yoo're looking at hugh the fourrh..e came into the world at 4-pounds 12-ouncesshe's a fuul brother grayson.. who you'ree grayson ii 33pounds 10-ounces. we're told karen and her boys are dding fine.a big congratulations to karen and her husband, hugh. coming up... up...pregnancy tests are nnt just for women anymore.the diiease ii can help ámená detect... arly on. gangnam nats nats ann ii's a recorddttat's style" going down in history. day bbltimore.. ((buup out)) i got it when my was faster th. [ male announcer ] when people switch from cable to verizon fios, there comes a moment when they get it. the difference 100% fiber optics makes. when i saw that picture, i really got it. i can enjoy the game better at home than going to the stadium. i got it when our apartment became the apartment. [ female announcer ] once you've got it, you get it. it's faster. it's better. so, what are you waiting for? switch to fios tv, internet and phone for just $84.99 a month for a year
Nov 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
'll start with karen gray houston live in virginia. karen? >> reporter: in burke, virginia, this is lake braddock's secondary school. the voting has been heavy here all day long. there were 250 people waiting in line when they opened the doors here this morning and there has been no lull all day long. it's taken as long as an hour and a half to get through the line. as little as about 40 minutes. these are people strongly motivated to help decide whether the next president will be barack obama or mitt romney and on the way in to vote, the potential voters are able to listen to some calm, soothing chamber music. it's being played by a high school quartet. in terms of problems at the polls, we are being told that they have been -- there is that music. the problems at the polls have been at a minimum. >> the problems would have been i.d. problems, people who came in who did not have i.d. or had i.d. and were recently moved into the area, so we had to look them up and figure out what is the correct procedure to make sure they can vote. >> i want to give president obama his full term. i think
Nov 5, 2012 12:00am PST
. and karen finney responds to the righties who blame hurricane sandy for mitt romney's rough finish. >> the hurricane is what broke romney's momentum. >> good to have you with us tonight. folks, thanks for watching. the days are racing by and time is running out. mitt romney needs something short of a miracle in the worst way. romney went to clooeflds today to project strength. in the choice of the american people can lead to one of two very different destinations. if the president were to be reelected -- [ booing ] >> it's possible, but not likely. >> romney's running mate paul ryan is trying to complete a hale mary pass in wisconsin. he was tailgating with packer fans today at lambeau field. then it was off to ohio as well. >> two more days. just two more days. two more days. this is one of those elections we will think back at and look at for years. >> the national polling average has president obama on top by just half a point. romney isn't as close in the states where the election is going to be decided. in paul rooip's home state of wisconsin, the president leads by an average
Nov 5, 2012 1:00pm PST
the republican mayor ordered them closed. joining me now from washington is karen finney a former dnc director, msnbc political analyst. and here with me is the great eugene robinson. welcome to both of you. gene, these long lines in florida are there because rick scott decided to cut the early voting days almost in half. 2.5 million people have voted early. yet we're expected to believe this has got nothing to do with politics. what is this man doing? >> well, there are two american traditions here at work. one is vote k problems in florida. this is something we like to do. and the second is republicans trying to restrict the franchise. if you can narrow the electorate and keep those democratic people, the system and throughout this election cycle we're seeing more of it. >> eugene, you use a voice that sounds accepting. this is appalling. >> i don't mean to. it is appalling. we've seen it before. >> people died in 1965 for the right to vote and now they're being prevented from doing so. >> exactly. exactly. >> karen, in ohio the big story is the states provisional ballot. the republican in c
Nov 19, 2012 1:00pm PST
me well, i'm going to take whatever good vibes he can give me. >> karen finney is an msnbc analyst. ana marie cox is with "the guardian. good afternoon to all of you. as you know, i love you women. karen, given all the outright condemnation of mitt romney by republicans, one might have assumed they'd never, ever heard mr. romney's rhetoric of contempt until this weekend. >> oh, heavens no, or no concerns about president obama learning to be an american or even embracing some of the language about the welfare reform language. look, the thing is, i have said this before, it's not just mitt romney. there are others in the party who have been talking like this for a very long time, and no one, but no one has stood up to stop them or to say, hey, this is wrong. it's part of the reason, frankly, that the whole birther narrative garnered so much resentment. >> so why are they doing it now? >> now they're trying to pretend that the horror, we would never talk like that. now we're trying to turn the page and, you know, put some paint on that and pretend like that didn't happen. now we're al
Nov 9, 2012 5:30pm EST
, where investigators are trying happened..keith. what happened.- karen..... we're sheldon avenue...... it's a very busy 4-lane tough for an adult o navigate this block.. and witnesses a himself. d boy was out heee by - are... still without power new york and new the region faciig - ...a fuel crisis...///. david lee miller. .. &pis... now rationing gas..... - ....nd... the actions being taken... against ppice gougers. gougers. p,3 33 miller, fox news."jersey, david lee miller, fox news." 3 in his first... re-electiin presiient barack pbama ...addressed the &pnation... on the looming threat... of the 'fiical cliif". cliif". it includes... tax increases... and... spending cuts.... to... take january- and run... over the next decade...///. it... would amounttto seven trillion... in... tax increases ...and cuts...///. they... would be widespread- // nd... affecting... areas... suchhas defense spending,.../ and... unemployment benefits. obaaa: ":we can't just cut our way to prosperity, if w
Nov 7, 2012 2:05am EST
. the other scene of excitement in chicago. abc's karen travers is there at obama headquarters. hi, karen. >> reporter: here in chicago, the mood has been electric. the crowd erupted into thunderous applause when the networks projected that the president had won ohio and thus had been re-elected. the president didn't just win ohio he held his midwestern fire wall, wisconsin and iowa. we have been paying so much attention to ohio over the last couple month. a critical state for their strategy. he won virginia, colorado, he won nevada. this has turned into a very big night for president obama. you had the sense from campaign aide early on as the polls started closing that they new things were trend in their direction and they were feeling confident. the president wrote two different speeches for tonight. a victory speech. and a concession speech. he was prepared for any scenario. tonight here in this room, before, newly 20,000, very excited supporters, he gets to deliver that victory speech. >> we are an american family and we rise or fall together as one nation and as one people. [ cheers
Nov 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >> karen? >> i've got to take the other side of that. i think the bank stocks actually will do well in either event. i think that for a bank of america, for example, it's the housing recovery. >> sure. >> that will be the most important factor there. so i would be long, a and i am long bank of america for either outcome. >> that was also the case with wells fargo. i mean this is one of the names, this is a big romney name, right? we saw what happened to that since they reported their 2 edq. it's predicated on whether we are recovering as an economy. a the end of the day short-term volatility around some of these things. and there is plenty of tradeable opportunities. >> scott nations, what is your election play? >> i think caterpillar, at least if mr. obama is elected. he wants to spend money on the infrastructure, and caterpillar has actually done pretty well over the past month, given that the market, the broader market has not done particularly well, and that b-to-b, at least as far as asia is concerned isn't doing particularly well. if you want to spend money and create jobs, th
Nov 1, 2012 9:00am PDT
political analyst, jonathan alter of bloomberg view, and msnbc political analyst and former dnc, karen finney, hopefully joining us shortly. john, i go to you first. in terms of sandy being an inflection point, game changer, if you will, a term we do not toss around lightly, are we -- is it -- is it a game changer? can you prognosticate that far? do you think the president is stronger coming out of the sandy response as a candidate? >> look, there's no question that if you think about this storm and what it's done to the media environment over the course of the week, it's blackout coverage. so the president's been in that coverage. and to some extent, much driven by the storm but he's -- he's there, he's the president on screen. governor romney has been nowhere. he's just -- it's not his fault. he's just not part of this conversation. he doesn't have anything to say about it. he doesn't have a role to play. so if you're a challenger, running a presidential campaign, in the last week to essentially be blocked from the airwaves for five straight days it's a big problem. forget whether he
Nov 13, 2012 1:00pm PST
panel. msnbc political analyst karen finney is a former communications director of the democratic national committee and professor james peterson is director of african studies at lehigh university. welcome to you both. professor, we just saw mike huckabee there, a former presidential candidate, telling jon stewart that his party does a pathetic job communicating to nonwhite voters. but is it really just communication or was it their apparent belief that nonwhites want free stuff and food stamps that caused the real problems? >> it is. you're right. so what they do is they effectively communicate their disdain for the 47% for women, for people of color, for poor folk, and so i think they are being very, very effective in their communication. it's just what are they communicating through all the racialized discourses we have chronicled on your show, for all the ways in which they dismiss poverty, dismiss ideas about the ways in which our society has to work with those folk who need support at certain times in their life. they refer to them as 47% or the takers or the moochers or wh
Nov 26, 2012 1:00pm PST
political analyst karen finney. karen, we just heard senator john mccain a moment ago in "top lines" saying, okay, from now on we republicans should just leave the issue of abortion alone. does he mean that republicans should belatedly accept the supreme court ruling or is he saying that they simply shouldn't discuss the issue in public? >> exactly. has nothing to do with a change of heart. it has to do with a change of talking points. clearly you could see in all of those top lines that a new sheet of talking points were issued to the gop this weekend. but don't let that fool you to make you think the policies have actually changed. i think they're smart enough to say, hey, if we just don't talk about it, maybe it will be okay. i think we're going to get the test test of it with the violence against women act reauthorization. >> ab na marie there was a supplementary question to senator mccain's enigmatic pronouncement. >> when you say leave the issue alone, you would say freedom of choice? >> i would allow people to have those opinions and respect those opinions. i'm proud of my pro-life p
Nov 20, 2012 8:00am PST
. >> we agree on that. >> one thing susan brought up, headline politics. msnbc analyst karen finney wrote a piece for "the hill" talking about the potential nomination and the last part is what caught my eye saying the gop's continued focus on attacking the ambassador's use of talking points also appears to be personal. some have suggested the real issue could be a belief that ambassador susan rice has simply been promoted high enough. is susan rice becoming a scapegoat in all of this? >> oh, she's obviously becoming a scapegoat, thomas. susan and i agree, it shouldn't be about these talking points. it should be about her record. she has a long record in international work, first with the clinton administration and now has served very well this administration. and so the idea that they're acting like she is some kind of secretary who -- some kind of junior person who had no business being out there, they're also acting like, quite honestly, she is incompetent and that she, her talking points weren't very bright which rings some bells for many women and people of color that there's some wa
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 754 (some duplicates have been removed)